Sunday, April 26, 2015

I've Missed You!

Hi guys!

Wow - it has been far too long. I'm so sorry for the time in between my last post and today, BUT I have so many great things to share now! Here's what's new:

In my world:

Things have been crazy busy. From your amazing support and sending out your bow orders to my second craft fair this Thursday at Towsons Gardens Day things have been wonderfully crazy.

In the store: 

Spring and summer bows are here! See some of the new bows below:

And two funky summer bows to come: 
  • The Lemonade stand
  • Funky Pineapples

In the news:

Earlier this year I teamed up with some amazing women with Monarch workshop. One wonderful attendee, Whit, also known as @mrswhit13 featured her swag in this post! I am also thrilled to announce a wonderful collaboration with Whit this spring and summer! Make sure to follower her on Instagram!

I also received these wonderful shout outs from the photographers Tara Shupe and Victoria GloriaLatanya Rene, @chicstreetsocial, Sami Jo Jensen, Sarah Polite, and the wonderful women of Monarch Worshop themselves.

Want to find out more about Monarch Workshops? Read about their wonderful workshops and sign up here.

What's to come: 

So now that we have caught up on everything I could at least remember in the moment, let's talk about the awesome things to come! New blog posts (I promise!), new bows, and of course sales! To thank you all for being so wonderful let's kick it off with 10% off with the code 'Mermaid' from April 26th - May 1st! 

Enjoy loves,